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  1. YT Shortcode - Joomla Plugin

    YT Shortcode - Joomla Plugin

    Latest Version 3.1.0 » Compatible with Joomla 4 Alpha

    YT Shortcode - An amazing tool with fresh and clean UI layout that will help you easily add maps, forms, charts, buttons, gallery and many more items to any pages without touching any code.

  2. SJ Mega Menu - Drag & Drop | Mobile Optimized Joomla Module

    SJ Mega Menu - Drag & Drop | Mobile Optimized Joomla Module

    SJ Mega Menu - Joomla! Extension

    We've released a new Sj Mega Menu version with significant improvements. The biggest update is Drag & Drop layout feature that allows you to quickly build a professional Mega Menu. Version 3.1.0  also supports Horizontal& Vertical Mega Menu types with 8 pre-made layout styles. Sj Mega Menu is extremely flexible for customizing and maintaining.

    With Sj Mega Menu, you can use various styles for displaying menus. The drag & drop mega menu owns so many nice effects for many styles of menu. Besides, Sj Mega Menu supports a lots of features which are not only useful but also very easy to setup for your site.

  3. SJ Mega K2 News - Joomla! Module

    SJ Mega K2 News - Joomla! Module

    As SJ MegaNews Module, today, we released SJ Mega K2 News Module for K2 Component. The most of sites need this module on the frontpage. Please see the demo site to have a closer look. With 3 themes and a lot of options, we are sure that you will enjoy it.

  4. SJ Article Slider - Joomla! Module

    SJ Article Slider - Joomla! Module
    SJ Slider for Content module uses to show articles on the front-page: articles on the frontpage, articles in some sections and categories. With responsive webdesignand a lot of options to control your module, you will be happy with this module. 
    Don't forget to check our demos for getting more detail!
    DEMO J1.5 || DEMO J2.5 || DEMO J3.x
  5. SJ News FrontPage - Joomla! Module

    SJ News FrontPage - Joomla! Module
    We are pleased to announce that SJ News Frontpagemodule has been released for Content Component. If you are finding a module for your homepage, the module will be the best option. With 4 themes and a lot of parameters, you can do the module easily to adapt with your website. 

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